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Are Grabber Warmers toxic?

What if my pet eats a Grabber Warmer?
Our products are not meant to be ingested. If your pet eats a Warmer, you should contact ASPCA at 888-426-4435 immediately.

Are Grabber Warmers reusable/rechargeable?
No. Grabber Warmers are meant for one-time, disposable usage.

Is it safe to travel with and/or ship Grabber Warmers and HotHands Warmers?
Absolutely, according to our (SDS) Grabber - Safety Data Sheet and HotHands - Safety Data Sheet. We also provide a letter stating our Warmers are safe for airline travel. Find more information on the FAA website.

Can I apply a Grabber Warmer directly to my skin?
Grabber Warmers generate heat. Some people may experience increased sensitivity to the high temperatures, or they may have difficulty determining when the Warmer is too hot. Our products are safe to handle and use, as long as you apply them properly.

Why do some Grabber Warmers get hotter and last longer than others?
Both the maximum heat of the product and the length of the reaction can be very tightly controlled by the chemical formulation and the amount of air allowed in the warmer. Depending on your needs, there is a Grabber Warmer for you.

How do Grabber Warmers work?

Warmers operate on a chemical reaction with air similar to rusting. The warmer ingredients are iron, water, cellulose, vermiculite, activated carbon and salt. The heating process takes place in this fashion:

  • The iron in the pouch, when exposed to oxygen, oxidizes and therefore produces heat (aka, "Air Activated").
  • When iron oxidizes it produces iron oxide, more commonly referred to as rust.
  • The salt acts as a catalyst.
  • The carbon helps disperse the heat.
  • The vermiculite is used as an insulator for the purpose of retaining the heat and the cellulose is added as a filler.
  • All of these ingredients are surrounded by a polypropylene bag.
  • Polypropylene allows air to permeate the ingredients while holding in moisture.

Can I do a science project with Grabber Warmers?
Absolutely! Many students use our Grabber Warmers to study exothermic reactions. For more information on how to set up a science project, visit http://www.scdhec.gov/environment/lwm/recycle/pubs/best_sfpg.pdf.

Where should I store my air-activated warmers?
Store warmers in a cool, dry place. Because one of the ingredients is water do not store them at temps below freezing.

Can Warmers be used an elevated altitude levels?
Yes. Being an air activated product, our warmers are dependent upon oxygen for proper activation. You will find that in higher altitudes that our warmers may have a bit of a delay in reaching their potential, so we advise planning for this ahead of time. Allow them a bit of time in the open air and slip into your pockets or gloves as your normally would. Though you may experience a delay, you will find that they will warm up for you.

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