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TWS: Emergency Foil Blanket from Kobayashi Americas on Vimeo.

SPACE® Brand Emergency Blanket -Silver/Silver


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Product Details

Be prepared on your next adventure with a SPACE® Brand Emergency Blanket! This 3 oz. aluminum blanket reflects ad retains up to 80% of radiated body heat and measures 56'' x 84''. The SPACE® Brand Emergency Blanket utilizes the same superinsulating materials that were developed by NASA for the Apollo Space missions. Lightweight and compact, the Emergency Blanket can be easily stored or carried. It is the perfect companion to provide peace of mind during your next outdoor adventure or to help prevent shock in post trauma situations. This blanket is approved for use by the Boy Scouts of America and it utilized by a variety of military, rescue and police organizations.

In the case of severe cold:

Wrap body as completely as possible. The emergency blanket will reflect up to 80% of raditated body heat to help keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures.

In the case of serious accident:

•Protect victim from future harm •Restore breathing •Stop bleeding •Protect wounds •Wrap victim in Emergency Blanket to help prevent shock •Move victim, only if absolutely necessary

This blanket conforms to the Flammable Fabrics Act, but will burn if ignited. Keep away from open flame.