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Warmer Stories

Using Grabber Warmers All Year Round
Recreationalist and Warmer Enthusiast Kelly Dubay shares her story about how she uses Grabber Warmers all year long...
I am a school crossing guard for 29 years. During the winter months it was always tough to stand out in the cold. My hands and feet would get so cold that they would get so numb that I had no feelings in them. Then I discovered your hand and toe warmers. Wow, what a difference it made. I can stay outside for a long time without getting numb. I also use them when I go to watch my daughter play hockey. Its always cold in the ice rink and your product always keeps my hands and feet warm. - Thank you for making a great product.

—Ellen R.

“In 2002 I was in a bad motor vehicle accident. I’ve had a lot of vascular problems since then. I have my left leg which is almost frostbit. If it wasn't for your product, I would have lost my toes. I'm an avid outdoorsman. I hunt and I fish for food and firewood for the winters that I live in upstate New York about 6 miles from the Canadian border. I'm a retired disabled employee of the state of New Jersey Drive Bridges. I was told by Doctor Cooper at hospital heart and lung vascular that I should write your company just to tell you that if it wasn't for you guys I would have probably lost my foot 10 years ago. Thank you guys very much and keep up on good warmers, actually the hand warmers work the best. Thank you guys very much and have a very good day” - Thank you!!

—Joseph D.

My family and I are dedicated Wigwam users. Year after year, we stuff Christmas stockings with thermal socks from Wigwam as we share the warmth and security that comes with being prepared with thermals. We recently tried Grabbers new Heat Holder Thermal Socks and were amazed to find a much warmer pair of socks than the Wigwams we have used for years! This upcoming Christmas our stockings will be HOT….as they will have Heat Holders in them!

—Scott A.

The minute I put the socks on, I knew they were going to be a lifesaver for winter weather in Ohio! They are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn and instantly provided warmth. I can’t wait to continue to put them to the test for many winters to come!

—Allison A.

I work in Antarctica as a kayak guide. I have Reynaud's and am over 60. All the other kayak guides down there are under 40, most of them young enough to be my kids! I'm happy to keep my job but about the only thing that allows me to do this is using your hand and toe warmers. I keep spares tucked in my emergency kit and use them to warm people who occasionally capsize and start to go hypothermic. I find putting them on the juglars and of course outfitting them with dry hats and mitts and keeping them covered, buys them time until we can get them back to the ship for hot showers and treatment. I wouldn't be doing this job without the occasional use of your hand and toe warmers! They're an essential part of my kit.

—Louise Adie

My wife and I play music as the Harvey Branch String Band. We played outside for the Metamora (IN) Christmas Walk in December of 2010. I can't even imagine trying to do that for two hours without Grabbers warmers for our hands and feet! I just ordered some more for this year's festivities. Thanks!

—Steve Kristoff

I've taught horseback riding for the last 44 years. In the winter it's pretty brutal because I stand in the cold for hours. My first great discovery was Hand Warmers. Imagine my joy when you came out with Toe Warmers and Body Warmers. Now I don't go a day without them when it's cold. They have truly saved my life and I can actually enjoy working in the winter.

—India B., DC

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